Sunday, 6 September 2015


Malo e lelei. Last week (Week 7), we celebrated Tongan Language Week. We practised greeting each other in Tongan, learnt some basic Tongan words, and created some fabulous art inspired by Tongan Tapa cloth. Tapa cloths are very important in the Tongan culture and are made for a variety of purposes such as weddings, other celebrations, and funerals. Check out our amazing work!
We had a real tapa cloth as an example

Peta used the internet to research different examples


Peta, along with our Pasifika Group, performed at the Library, Glen Warren Kindergarten, Little Wonders, and our school assembly. A talented bunch indeed!
Malie- good job everyone.


  1. Thx miss Huls for taking us for art I really enjoyed it I even got inspired for art I could do at home

  2. Thanks Miss Huls for taking us for art. It's good to see the Tongan culture growing stronger in our school and thank you to everyone in the Pasifika group for coming to practises.