Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Parent-Teacher Connections

As we are all on a constant learning journey- I thought it might be useful to blog some of the "aha" moments along the way!

One of the (many) positive aspects of maintaining regular communication in terms of parent-teacher relationships, is it helps to constantly modify and adjust aspects of our learning environment by taking advantage of useful feedback.
​I had recently been thinking about the fact that the students Google Drives are loaded with various Google Docs in no particular order. This can make it difficult to locate particular documents quickly. After meeting with a parent this morning, I realised this needs to change to become more user friendly- not only for the students at school, but for parents at home too. This parent pointed out that when looking at her son's work, she finds it hard to establish when it was done, or locate particular information (e.g. a document with instructions when work is being completed at home). Although there is the "search" option, this is only useful if you know the name of the document you are looking for. So, collaboratively we decided the children's Google Drives need to be organised into folders- e.g.- Maths, Literacy, Published Work, Timetables, Week Goals, Science, Inquiry, Notes/ Other. 
It is the little things like this, that occur naturally all the time, that allow us as educators and you as parents to make minor adjustments to environments/ programmes/ organisation to make learning more accessible and easier to share at home. 
So, the important message for you as parents is that your feedback is valuable and valued, and a small thing that you point out may just help us to make invaluable tweaks to our engaging learning environment- together. 

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  1. Excellent reflective post Miss Huls - like the collaborative approach to positive progress. The folders are a great idea. Keep up the great work and keep those active reflections coming.